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Water Foam

RPG Audio Examples

The following are example sound packages created for an unreleased RPG. Included are one cinematic oneshot with quick time events, one multilayered boss battle loop, and one bundle of sound effects and environmental loops. I originally composed/created these assets for my masters degree capstone in 2022. If you are looking for my reel, you can find it on my homepage.


In this game, the player controls the feared pirate Captain Esposito as he and his crew battle monsters, explore islands, interact with other crews, and find tesoro (treasure) buried in some of the most unexpected places. All characters, locations, and plots included in this video game are fictitious; any resemblance to actual people, places, or events is coincidental. All characters belong to mycelium, with the exception of Captain Cortez, who was borrowed with permission from a close personal friend. 

The "music design documents" button leads to a mock MDD that gives context to the music packages by describing game elements such as characters, environment, interactivity, and style. also included in the MDD are flowcharts specifically designed to help illustrate exactly what is occurring in each scene.

The "asset list" button leads to a list of technical information about each asset, including but not limited to exact length, RMS, in-game function, and notes about their creation.

Water Foam

cinematic with QTE

the full picture

This track was composed for a cinematic oneshot featuring Captain Esposito and his nemesis-turned-friend-turned-???, Captain Cortez. While I uploaded this track as one file for ease in sharing, it would ideally be sent to the game development team in separated stems, as reflected in the asset list.

Please see the following pages of the MDD for more information:

  • pages 2-4: character information

  • pages 7-8: interactivity and style requests

  • pages 10-12: a flowchart that includes actions and dialogue synced with timestamps

composer analysis

In this game, Captain Cortez represents the long forgotten but still present ability of the player's character, Captain Esposito, to develop trust and companionship, possibly even love. Therefore, while all of the music that would be composed for this game would be centered in B-flat dorian mode to ease transitions, the oneshot – which is focused on the relationship between Bastian and Giuseppe – incorporates frequent use of the IV chord (E-flat major), as that is one of the most hopeful and exuberant of the chords in B-flat dorian mode. In the final bars of the oneshot, the acoustic guitar (representing Bastian) and the violin (representing Giuseppe and his newfound trust in Bastian) are purposefully featured in a duet that includes both characters' motifs in the violin part, played diegetically by Giuseppe. Giuseppe's motif, however, is played backwards so that the melody ascends before leading directly into Bastian's motif – an acknowledgment that Giuseppe now understands that he is able to trust Bastian with something as personal as his music.

qte loop example

This track is a snippet of the above track, looped as it would be for the first quick time event when the player must catch Captain Cortez. The loop begins at approximately 6.5 seconds.

Water Foam

multilayered loop

individual stems

This playlist includes stems composed as a loop intended to be used in a multilayered adaptive music system. The package includes an intro, three vertical additive layers, stingers for each layer, and an endtag.
Please see the following pages of the MDD for more information:

  • pages 2-4: character information

  • pages 5-6: interactivity and style requests

  • pages 9: a flowchart that includes descriptions of each layer of the boss battle, 

combined examples

This playlist contains combined examples of the above stems, provided for convenience in order to receive a clearer picture of how the music could potentially sound at different stages of the boss battle. For example, "Stingers Stem1 Stem2" features both stems 1 and 2 playing simultaneously, with the addition of the stingers that could be heard during the second layer depending on the player's actions. The first track ("Intro Sequential Stems Endtag") is an example of how the soundtrack might sound, all the way from the start of the battle to the moment that the player successfully rescues Spud from the Sea Monster.

Water Foam

sound effects

sfx assets & environmental loops

These playlists feature sound effects that were inspired not only by the swashbuckling pirates featured in the game, but also the monsters they could potentially meet. For more technical information, please see the asset list.

The last two sound effects consist of one round each of two environmental loops. You can hear hear the loops in action in the tracks labeled "Double" below.

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